Sacred Medical Hospitaller Order (St. John)

We are continuation of a one thousand year tradition of caring for the poor and needy. We offer exclulsive membership, training, equipment and services for like-minded missionaries. Members of SMOKH are licensed by our Order to perform vital screenings and counsel on patron's in need of life adjustments to the tragedies of today's epidemic - metabolic syndrome X. Our Vital Screening Kit consists of non-invasive equipment used with our exclusive app to quickly perform a profile of tests to assess the body's vital energy and its adaption to life circumstances.


History of Vitalology

The history of vitalology is based on monastic medicine and the outgrowth of nature cure advocated by the fathers of hydrotherapy, Methodism, Thomsonianism, the Kneipp System, Therapeutic Universalism, Crusaders for Fitness, naturopathy, the Reams System, Trall's hygienic healing art, Kellog's 'clean living movement', MacFaddenism, Healthology (Preston/McWilliams), and others at the turn of the 20th century. In Europe the age of enlightenment and vitalism had fostered two important wellness movements: nature cure and mesmerism/magnetism. Nature cure advocated health, dietetics, veganism, gymnastics, and hygiene while mesmerism/magnetism gave birth to hypnotism, the power of postive thinking, mentalism, magnetic healing, psychical research, and psychology as we know it today. In today's Vitalology, we appreciate both nature cure and the power of positive mental attitudes as vitalistic factors promoting wellness.



More History...

in the 20th century, Dr. Carey Reams’ Urine and Saliva Test was a non-invasive test of urine and saliva, providing valuable information about the bio-chemical balances in the body and where energy could be gained or lost. Hundreds of practitioners were trained and we learned the importance of the body's pH balance (acid/alkali).

The Ream's Test, as it came to be called, based on a common sense approach to nutrition demonstrated how complex issues such as health, life and wellness can be reduced to simple, easily understood, practical ideas and applications. The Reams’ test proved how certain principles of the life of plants and soil health applies as well to humans and health using similar chemical tests. The urine/saliva test was based on the biological principle of ionization. According to Dr. Carey Reams, "Ionization is God's laws putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion." Biological Ionization is the study of how energy becomes matter and how matter becomes energy on a continuous basis in the human body, thus emphasizing the principal of how vital energy is obtained from food, air (oxygen) and sunshine. The Ream's test provided an insight as to where the breakdown of energy production was occuring in the body, whether by digestion or cellular metabolism. Toxins represent the principle toxic blocks while specific nutrient deficiencies prevent the full metabolism of sugar and fats to end up as simple carbon dioxide.

Ream's saliva and urine screening helped one determine the cause of the loss of energy and which foods and/or supplements should be added to an individuals diet to fit their body chemistry, each being unique to the individueal as determined by the Ream's test. Today, we have come a long way, and can now use ordinary point-of-care instruments readily available that dramatically enhance our wellness profiling.

Bob Preston, a student of Reams, carried the system to the next level developing a nutritional program he called 'healthology.' Preston incorporated more developed concepts and was one of the early pioneers pointing out important contributions of ill health like hypothyroidism which would not become accepted until the 21st. century.

The Dean of the PanAmerican School, an early student of Preston and Dr. Ream's systems; pressed on with Healthology, developing more advanced urine tests for iodine, calcium and magnesium deficiencies; incorporating the EKG and Voll's Electrodermal Screening, and adding Blood microscopy, to study a more complete wholism, and simplifying matters into today's Vitalology system. More than 10,000 patients have been tested and serviced since 1981.

Since the turn of the century, equipment has become portable while the concepts have been not only proven, but even simplified. After many years, the system is now being made available to the world...

  • The bodily vitality is energy, and it comes from sunlight - plant nutrition.
  • The carrier of energy is water, both a solvent and a nutrient.
  • The catalyst of bodily energy is oxygen, the giver of life.
  • Ageing is a disease-free, natural process until interrupted by wrong living and wrong thinking.

Dr. McWilliams , a student of Reams, Preston, Foster, Bhatt, Jayasuriya, Voll, and many others, took the system to the next level, researching it on over six thousands patients on Nevis island for over twenty years. Thus what started as monastic medicine, transforming into nature cure or the 19th century, became the hygienics of the 20th century, including the Ream's system, Healthology, and lead to today what we call today, simply Vitalology.

This is Vitalogy Encyclopedia of Health Adapted for Home & Family use E.H. Ruddock, MD, 1920. This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of nature cure as recorded then.






"The position therein taken in regard to the constructive treatment of hypnotism is high, but tenable; nor is it in the slightest degree at variance with the purest Christian belief and practice. There is no mystery about the procedures, nothing uncanny or occult in them. No supernatural gift is implied; no theory of." HYPNOTISM IN MENTAL AND MORAL CULTURE