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Vital Wellness Screening Services

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Become a Certified Vitalist & Vitalologist

Vitalology™ is the subject of study; a branch of knowledge; assessment and practice of cultivating the state of being strong, active, and energetic by building vitality and health through specific wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, diet, energetics, and educational/informational programs. Vitalology is a wellness art and lifestyle for the 21st century.

To summarize, our three vital nutrients are Sunlight, Oxygen, and Water. Food is the stored energy to make life function and allow our bodies to work and think!

Any imbalance or deficiency of sunlight, air, water, and food, will first make the body weak, and in time, perish. The fundamental of our philosophy we call vitalology.

Vitalists subscribe to the use of health building foods, herbs, minerals, waters, flowers, seeds, barks, roots, essential oils, in their natural state, sunshine, fresh air, bathing; as well as exercise, meditation, sun bathing, prayer, dance, chirothesia, and other vitalistic arts.

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Test Categories (all screened within 15 minutes!)

  • Body Weight
    Blood Glucose
    Blood pressures (Sitting/Standing)
    Pulse Rate (bpm)
    Vascular Perfusion (capillary refill)
    Autonomic Nerve (ANS) Balance
    Arterial Health Analysis
    Nerve Stress Score (Balance)
    ECG (Electrocardiogram) Heart Health
    Red Ball Test
    Uric Acid Males/Females
    Blood Hemoglobin
    Urine (metabolic) pH
    Saliva (biliary) pH
    Urine sediment
    Urine Sodium (salt count, sodium body load)
    Urine Calcium
    Urine Glucose (sugar)
    Specific Gravity (Hydration Status)
    Urine UREA
    Leucocytes (Urine: White Blood Cells)
    Nitrate (Urine)
    Protein (Urine)
    Urobilinogen (Urine)
    Bilirubin (Urine)
    Ketones (Urine)
    Blood (Urine)
    Breathing: Peak Flow Rate
    Body Mass Index
    Metabolic Age
    Basal Metabolic Rate
    Visceral Fat
    Body Fat % (Fat Mass)
    Total Body Water (TBW%)
    Bone Mass
    Muscle Mass
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Senescence: The Chain of Ageing

New Book in development

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Taking the Waters. The untold story of deuterium...

School in Puerto Rico

Panam is investigating a move to open a Puerto Rico campus. . .

Vitalology successfully launched in Florida

We have conducted our first seminar Sept. 29th, to be followed in Nov. 3, 2018...